Paper 2014




The deadline of the abstract submission is 28th February 2014.

  1. Sayeed Uz Zama Khan

    My query is about can you extand the topics further to corrosion, I wish to sumbit paper which is technical on corrosion.

    • We invite you to participate in the following topics: Internal Corrosion for Sour Oil and Gas Field; AC/DC Interference and Corrosion Control for Municipal Pipeline Network; Cathodic Protection and AC/DC Interference for Long-distance Pipeline and Station; Protective Coating for Pipeline and Tank; Corrosion Control for Refinery; Corrosion Control for Petrochemical and Chemical Plant; Corrosion of Maritime & Offshore Structure; Pipeline Corrosion Integrity Management; Electrochemical measurement and its application; Anticorrosion Coating; Hydrogen Embrittlement, Stress Corrosion Cracking and Corrosion Fatigue; Cathodic Protection for PCCP Pipe; Corrosion Resistant Alloy pipe and CRA Clad Pipe; Corrosion Monitoring Technologies; Top of Line Corrosion; Corrosion under Deposit; Novel Corrosion Control Technologies; Multiphase Flow Erosion.

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